Martine Ehrenclou, M.A., lectures to health organizations, universities, and the general public on patient engagement, patient empowerment, patient safety, the patient experience, the patient-provider partnership, patient advocacy, and more.

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      Lectures and Speaking Events

International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis
World Autoimmune Arthritis Day

National Patient Safety Foundation
Patient/family engagement to prevent diagnostic error Webinar/telecast
Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine

UCLA, Simms/Mann Center for Integrative Oncology
Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center
"How to Become a take-Charge Patient Through Cancer"
Los Angeles, CA.

Impact80 Virtual Summit

Being Your Own Advocate: Women’s Health and Patient Awareness
"How To Be a Take Charge Patient"
Manchester Grand Hyatt
San Diego, CA

How to Be a Take Charge Patient
Event Sponsored by Pink-Link
Raleigh Studios
Hollywood, CA

6th International Conference: Diagnostic Error in Medicine
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Chicago, IL

Moderator for Panel of Physicians
A Holistic Approach to Healthy Aging
WISE & Healthy Aging
RAND Headquarters, Santa Monica, CA

How To Be a Take Charge Patient
Cancer Support Community-Benjamin Center
Los Angeles, CA

How To Be A Take-Charge Patient
Christ Community Church
Buena Park, CA

Case Management: Engaging & Empowering Health Summit
"Patients & Medical Professionals: The Collaborative Relationship"
Case Management Society of America
Shreveport, Louisiana

Medicine X ConferenceStanford University
e-patient Scholarship Award

Disposable Film Festival
Keynote HealthcareHealth Speaker
Health Documentaries

Patient Advocacy in the Hospital Setting
Arcadia Hospital

How to Survive a Hospital Stay and Prevent Medical Errors
California Lutheran University
Santa Monica Public Library
Palisades Presbyterian Church
Corpus Christi Church
Vroman's Bookstore
Village Books

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        TV and Radio Interviews  

For video and radio interview recordings see Media Room


NBC Nightly News With Chuck Scarborough
San Diego 6/Fox News
Good Day Dallas, Fox News


Goliath Radio
WELE 1380 am

WENG Radio

SunCoast Live

Preferred Company with Joel Markel
WOBM 1160 Radio
1310 AM Radio, NJ

Tom Roten Morning Show
News Radio 800 WVHU
ClearChannel 134 4th Ave.
Huntington, WV 25701

Larry Mantel/KPCC, NPR Radio
Double D’s in the Morning Show
Doctor Health RadioNews Talk, KHNR
Boomer Babes Radio NPR Radio
Boomer Babes Radio Show AARP Radio
Donna Seebo Show BBS Radio
Mari Frank Radio Show,
Boomer Radio Dan Kesterson KSWM Radio
The Lincoln Ware Show WDBZ Radio
Boomer Radio Dan Kesterson KSWM Radio
Talk of the Town WATR Radio
MSE Radio Network Skip Reeves
Kern Radio Newstalk, Morning News
CT Community Focus, WBSD Radio
Julianna Lyddon, Toginet Radio
RN.FM Radio, Nursing Unleashed
The X Zone Radio Show, Talk Star Radio
Dr. Jeanette Gallagher Radio Show, BlogTalk Radio
SecureACure4MS, BlogTalk Radio
Legacy Living with Jeff Kennedy, WTAD Radio
Shore Law with Chad Balkus, WCEM Radio
Winning at Life, Gregory Ricks, WRNO Radio


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      Info About Martine Speaking at Your Event

For Medical Professionals

Equally as important as empowering patients to partner with medical providers is the medical provider’s interaction with the patient. Martine offers tools, strategies and problem-solving techniques to healthcare professionals to communicate effectively with patients, assess and work with health literacy issues, engage patients and families, form partnerships with patients, engage in shared decision-making, and more. Ehrenclou presents lectures with lively slide presentations, video clips and stories.

Member of
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The Partnership Between Medical Providers and Patients. Strategies, benefits, problem solving techniques.

Effective Communication Strategies for Medical Providers with Patients

Health Literacy: strategies to assess and improve patient engagement, communication, partnership with patient, increase treatment compliance and overall quality of care via the interaction.

Patient Engagement: strategies to involve patients in care, increase quality of care, patients safety, improve medical provider and patient satisfaction.

Shared Decision Making: strategies to conduct, improve and engage patients in this process.

Patient Safety Checklists. How to use them in your hospital, examples of checklists, areas for use, how to form a collaborative team to engage in their use.

For Patients and General Public
Martine Ehrenclou, MA, author of two award-winning books, patient advocate and speaker, understands just how important it is for patients to actively engage in their care, become well informed, communicate effectively with medical providers, prepare for medical encounters and establish the important medical provider-patient relationship. Research supports improved outcomes when patients actively participate in their care, that patients experience fewer medical errors, increased quality of care, and increased satisfaction. Martine offers strategies, tools and problem-solving techniques in her lectures to the general public. She presents lectures with lively slide presentations, video clips and stories.

How to become a Take-Charge Patient. Strategies, tools, problem solving, emphasis on organization, preparation for medical encounters, participation in care, loved one as advocate, prevention of medical errors, and more.

How To Create a Patient’s Toolkit. What it is, how to organize it, why it is so effective, and other strategies to increase quality of care, partnership with medical providers, effective communication strategies, and more.

Partnership between Patients and Medical Providers. Basics of patient-centered care, strategies to form partnership, outline of benefits, problem solving techniques, patient stories and more.

Effective Communication with Medical Providers. What it is, how to conduct it, strategies to overcome problems, tools to enhance communication.

Patient Safety Checklists. What they are, how to use them, examples, strategies to create and use them in the hospital.  Discussion about patient safety, in and outside of the hospital, the risks, overview of medical errors, and how to prevent many of them, how to partner with medical providers to increase patient safety. 

How To Have a Safe Hospital Stay. The basics of being an effective advocate for oneself as a patient in the hospital. Strategies to increase quality of care, prevent medical errors, the key players in the hospital setting, partnership with medical providers, tips on navigating the hospital with confidence.

How to Be an Effective Advocate for a hospitalized loved one. Strategies to oversee and monitor care, monitoring medications, partnerships with registered nurses and physicians, prevent medical errors, tips to navigate the hospital with confidence, the key players in the hospital setting.

How To Advocate For Your Child: strategies, tools and information about how to be an effective advocate for your child with their medical care. How to create a Patient’s Toolkit, prevent medical errors, strategies and tools when your child has several physicians/specialists involved in care, the partnership with your child’s pediatrician, and more.


To schedule Martine Ehrenclou to speak at your health conference or other event,
please contact Martine Ehrenclou at or (310) 502-5244

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Martine is a member
of the following organizations:

Society to Improve
Diagnosis in Medicine



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